The Learning Exchange is a platform to access all of our articles, research and resources for your own use. There are six major themes below that you may be able to find inspiration, frameworks, or maybe a different process to enact climate change adaptation in your community.

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All Resources

This theme contains all of our articles, research, and resources from all themes in one place!


Climate Change Science

This theme contains all of the current scientific research around climate change, its impacts and adaptation. This is a useful place to start if you are lacking in technical knowledge about what climate change is.


This theme aims to share climate adaptation actions from your local community, as well as additional resources to inspire your work.


The community farmers at Harcourt Organic Farmers Coop. Photograph: Oliver Holmgren


This theme aims to share what climate adaptation actions our farmers and primary producers are doing, and any resources that can help you and your produce.



This theme aims to explore environmental practitioners roles in protecting our environment and improving climate resilience. 


Natural Resources

This theme aims to address how we collect, dispose, and use our natural resources and how we need to adapt our practices to climate change impacts.


Governance and Economics

This theme explores how our governments and economic structure will have to adapt to our changing climate.


Natural Disaster Preparation and Response

This theme explores how we can prepare and respond better to extreme weather events like heat waves, flooding, and bushfires.


We acknowledge the First Peoples of the Loddon Mallee and their/our longstanding, rich and resilient cultures, rights and responsibilities to Country, and genuinely pay respect to their/our knowledge holders, leaders, Elders past, present and future.