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Who should attend: Anyone interested in Integrated Catchment Management / Natural Resource Management. Please share this program with your networks

This year we are running online sessions that address key questions about the value of catchment stewardship and integrated approaches to the management of land, water and biodiversity.

So what is stewardship? Who are the stewards? Does it make a difference in the face of climate change with severe events, drought and fires? How do we know when we have good stewardship?

These weekly sessions are interactive where you can engage with panel members and presenters while you learn about past successes, and help chart the future of Natural Resource Management.

Session topics, panel members, and presenters are outlined in the attached program.

Registration: Click here to register interest to join in on these free sessions.

Register once to receive calendar invites to each of the eight sessions from 3 July to 19 August. Registrations will remain open until the last session.ICM Winter Sessions 2020 – Program