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Climate change is affecting us all.  It requires everyone in our community to act – including individuals, businesses, community groups, and all levels of government and to vigilantly work together to strengthen our resilience, and leverage  advantages to harness opportunities from the transition economy.

During our planning we never imagined the world that we now face and due to COVID-19 the Inaugural SA Climate Ready Regions Conference was cancelled but the messages for the speakers are just as important. In its place are webinars that provide information from across Australia.

This webinar will focus on community, business and corporate responses as the stakes are massive and uncertainties severe and impacts devastating. Our interactions with environmental and non‐environmental issues come from varying levels. New ways of problem‐solving are evolving and the interlinking of thinking across corporate business and community can be complex. This webinar will provide some tangible examples and information around the integration of thinking and actioning.

Webinar 1: Integrating and amplifying sustainability and resilience: A community-business framework for collaboration, learning, innovation and action

Presenter: Mark Robinson Townsville City Council QLD Coordinator – Environmental Systems, Sustainability Solutions and Solar Cities

Webinar 2: What does the corporate response to climate change mean for climate ready regions?

Presenter: Dr Mark Siebentritt Director and General Manager, South Australia Edge Environment

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Please note: the times on the info sheet are Adelaide time. If tuning in from Victoria you will have to log on half an hour earlier at 3:00pm

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