Smart Lighting for Local Government Webinar 2: Procuring Smart Controls – Lessons from Real Projects

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Ironbark Sustainability is putting on a series of webinars on smart lighting for local government. These are based on hundreds of real projects over 15 years that have been successfully implemented and resulted in over 500,000 LEDs purchased and installed throughout Australia. They’ll explain the technical considerations, procurement practices in the real world, how to use (or not use) smart lighting and smart control specifications, how to strategically manage smart lighting assets into the future and how to successful deliver projects.

Register here for the second webinar of three: Webinar 2: Procuring Smart Controls – Lessons from Real Projects

In this webinar, we’ll look at:
– Smart lighting 101: the key lighting and non-lighting benefits
– The experience of Australian councils installing smart controls
– The advice directly from those councils who we’ve worked with on procuring and installing smart controls and what worked and what they’d do differently
– The latest technology being rolled out in Australia and ensuring you remain future-proofed
– Installing smart controls on DNSP-owned lights to ensure the best outcomes for councils and communities – the lived experience and why bringing specs to the table is pointless
– Developing specifications for council-owned assets and the risks in using unworkable specifications that require you to bring in third-party support
– The importance of incorporating this within smart lighting strategies and policies

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