Places in our region are connected by resilient infrastructure and services that support our business and communities.

Goal Feedback 2.4

Our region has access to the essential services they need to remain connected

Electricity infrastructure connects Loddon Mallee to the National Energy Market, with much transmission infrastructure in the pipeline to enable the Renewable Energy Zones in the region and ensure Loddon Mallee can be a major energy exporter.

If all projects currently in the pipeline are built, the region will be able to generate 500% of what it requires, exporting large amounts of clean energy to other parts of the state.

Communication infrastructure through mobile and fixed broadband is critical for the region to stay connected, do business, and thrive. It is important that during emergency events, regional communities have a means of communicating, especially when physical roads may be shut off due to fire or flood risk.

There are still digital inequities across our region, with some places having little to no mobile service, or fixed connection. Much of our region is covered by fixed, wireless and satellite services which, while requiring less physical infrastructure, are more prone to disruption and have higher latency

Objective Feedback 2.4.1

Places in our region are connected to each other by climate ready transport infrastructure

Our places are physically connected through road, rail and cycling infrastructure.

However, climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather and emergency events over the coming years. Bushfires, floods, and strong winds could see road networks underwater, rail tracks buckling in hot weather, and trees down over major roads.

Dealing with these challenges will require much planning, upgrading of existing infrastructure, and consultation with the community about what services are most important to them.

Communities should work together to establish plans if an evacuation is required. Considerations should also be made for those without access to a vehicle, and how transport solutions can be provided for them

Objective Feedback 2.4.2

Our shared community spaces are a place of safety and connection

Protecting our assets that provide social resilience for communities will be vital.

Like any town, the public spaces are where residents connect with others in the community.  That could be the local park, places for sport or recreation, places for events, cafes or pubs.

While some regional cities have a range of public spaces, many of our small rural towns don’t. For those communities, not accessing those spaces can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing.

In a changing climate, it will be critical for communities and business to work with local governments to identify these places, work together to protect them and make them more resilient to extreme weather events and a warmer climate.

Objective Feedback 2.4.3