Local businesses have accessible and inclusive climate knowledge and tools to make informed decisions for operational continuity and competitive advantage in a changing climate.

Goal Feedback 3.1

Improving awareness of climate risks and business responsibility by managing thorough, accessible and inclusive climate knowledge and tools.

Improving awareness of climate risks and business responsibility by managing thorough accessible and inclusive climate knowledge and tools.

Having the right knowledge and tools is essential to local businesses responding to climate change. It helps them understand and address the impacts, increases ‘climate literacy’ among employees and employers and empowers them to adopt climate ready solutions.

Currently, there are many limitations for businesses to support their decision making.  Accessing experts or digital information due to remoteness or communication infrastructure is a challenge for rural areas. Targeted localised information for businesses is also rarely available.

Most tools and information are digitally formatted which is a challenge to businesses in many parts of the region where there is poor broadband and mobile access. This is a barrier as many people in the region can’t afford to update their infrastructure or service.

Objective Feedback 3.1.1

Taking steps to understand the magnitude and nature of the specific risks to their assets and activities.

While climate change is a global issue, it is at the local level that impacts are most felt and where responses to climate change are required.

In Loddon Mallee region, our businesses operate in unique environments. Between 2000 and 2020, we have seen 24 extreme weather events resulting in thousands of businesses being impacted in different ways.

It’s important that climate risks are clearly identified and validated with local data, information, and local input with experiences of how risks present in ‘in our own backyard’.

Currently, widely available knowledge and tools for managing climate risks locally are not accessible and inclusive for many businesses.

Objective Feedback 3.1.2

Supporting the development and implementation of strategies and actions to manage the risks through accessible and inclusive climate knowledge and tools.

Building a business case for climate change adaptation-related activities is relatively new.

Case studies and data from completed projects are needed to gain support, to workout business needs and access to critical learnings.

There are currently few tools or guidance materials that are user-friendly for local businesses in the region. While there has been significant work undertaken around top-down theoretical approaches to climate adaption, there is less information on implementing projects and solutions. In most cases, this can only be achieved by outsourcing to expensive consultants which is a barrier to many small and medium business operations.

Objective Feedback 3.1.3