The Loddon Mallee region is experiencing an unprecedented and exciting transition to renewable energy. Five years ago, less than 5 per cent of the region’s energy needs were generated locally from large and small scale solar, bioenergy and wind. Now, it’s 69 per cent. This accounts for nearly 16% of Victoria’s current renewable generation capacity. Within the next five years, the region will be able to meet its own energy needs and export power elsewhere in Victoria and interstate. Our region alone could deliver the Victorian Renewable Energy Target of 40 per cent by 2025, if all of the planned largescale solar projects go ahead.

The Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Roadmap provides an overview of the opportunities and obstacles the region faces as it continues to move to a more decentralised renewable energy system. It draws upon extensive community engagement, as well as technical studies, to build a complete picture of the region. The roadmap seeks to ensure that the communities’ concerns and aspirations are well represented in planning for this transition.

The Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Roadmap

Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award

In 2019 ten artists from nine municipalities across the Loddon Mallee region were selected to participate in the inaugural Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Art Award.

Emerging and established artists across the region responded to the theme, ‘Our renewable energy future’ in a range of mediums.

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Stories of our new energy future

Our new energy future is now.


Community Energy

Electric Vehicles
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We acknowledge the First Peoples of the Loddon Mallee and their/our longstanding, rich and resilient cultures, rights and responsibilities to Country, and genuinely pay respect to their/our knowledge holders, leaders, Elders past, present and future.