We believe conversations are really important when it comes to addressing climate change. Whether you talk to your friends, colleagues and family members for information-sharing, advice-giving, or just to vent, this process helps you put things in perspective which helps build resilience and relationships.

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Value lived experience
Local leaders understand their communities’ values and concerns and are best placed to lead climate action through creating a shared sense of community pride, identity and participation.

Peer-to-peer learning
Conversations between community members can build local climate awareness and knowledge, create community connections, and identify direct actions to help respond to the climate crisis locally.

Capacity building
Providing tools and resources to give local leaders a foundation to enact and influence change in their communities.

We acknowledge the First Peoples of the Loddon Mallee and their/our longstanding, rich and resilient cultures, rights and responsibilities to Country, and genuinely pay respect to their/our knowledge holders, leaders, Elders past, present and future.