ADAPT Loddon Mallee for Kids

ADAPT Loddon Mallee are happy to announce the publication of our Kids Climate Change Activity book. We are offering free copies to primary schools in the region.

What is the activity book?

The activity booklet is filled with interactive puzzles and a story that follows Griffin the Growling Grass Frog on his mission to discover why the Loddon Mallee landscape is changing and his wetlands are drying up. He meets friends along the way and learns more about climate change and the positive steps we can all make to reduce our footprint on the environment.

Why was the activity book made?

We understand that many children are interested and engaged with environmental issues including climate change, but it can be difficult to find appropriate resources. This activity book aims to provide easy to understand and constructive information about climate change while empowering children with actions they can take to make a difference.

This book is set in the Loddon Mallee region, so kids learn about the impacts of climate change in their local areas.

Often climate change resources are nationally or globally based, which can leave people feeling powerless to take action. By keeping the story local and providing activities and choices the children can make at home, they may feel more positive about what they can do to make an impact.

To register your school for free copies, please email [email protected] 

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Principle Partner

EnviroEDU presents engaging, interactive and ‘hands on’ environmental education programs tailored to suit various age groups including early childhood/kindergarten, through to primary and secondary school aged children. EnviroEDU is dedicated to promoting environmental, conservation and sustainability awareness and show-cases Australia’s amazing biodiversity, with a focus on our ‘local environment’.

In partnership with Government organisations, EnviroEDU has developed a number of children’s activity books on a range of environmental topics from habitats, biodiversity and threatened species to human induced climate change and sustainability within the Loddon Mallee region of Victoria.

We acknowledge and respect Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practices. We are committed to enabling self-determination for all Aboriginal people and aim to work closely with the Aboriginal community to drive action and improve outcomes especially in the context of a changing climate.