What is Partnering 4 Resilience?

Partnering 4 Resilience will draw together government agencies, peak bodies, Traditional Owners, and other relevant organisations to work as a collective practitioners group to share knowledge and provide advice to each other. This page aims to broker the supply and demand around relationships needed to drive adaptation actions.

The partnerships created will help to better understand the climate change impacts in each of the focus areas and where potential solutions are required to help with building more climate resilient communities.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Share work as a collective practitioners group to share knowledge and provide advice to each other.
  • Link organisations with tools, information and expertise.
  • Link organisations with financial and in-kind support.
  • Link influencers and/or authorising bodies.
  • Inform and showcase your organisation’s solutions.
  • Establish funding agreements for activities that highlight key strategies and actions to inform the Regional Adaptation Strategy.

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Link organisations to address the range of expertise required, geographical barriers and long time frames involved in climate adaptation

Relationship building
Fostering homegrown networks and relationships to better understand climate change impacts and investigate solutions to promote community resilience.

Localised knowledge
Organisations and individuals providing resources and information for each other that work for their regions.

We acknowledge the First Peoples of the Loddon Mallee and their/our longstanding, rich and resilient cultures, rights and responsibilities to Country, and genuinely pay respect to their/our knowledge holders, leaders, Elders past, present and future.