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Clean Energy Business Model Manual (C40)

This C40 manual provides guidance for cities to adopt renewable energy uptake and reduce emissions. Included are business models and financial instruments that could assist in achieving this.

Ramez Naam ‘Energy, Disrupted’

This 26 minute video features former Microsoft executive Ramez Naam, speaking about the disruption that renewable energy is creating for fossil fuel businesses.

Navigating a dynamic energy landscape

This briefing for Australian businesses is regularly updated and features insights and updates on the renewable energy and fossil fuel industries.

Solar Energy

Solar Powered Trams

Melbourne’s tram network is now completely offset by renewable energy after Victoria’s largest solar farm began operating in 2019. The emission reduction from this farm is the equivalent of taking 75,000 cars off the road.

International Solar Energy Society Infographics

This page includes a range of infographics aimed at dispelling myths about solar energy. There are also two webinars located at the bottom of the page that go into further details about how solar energy works.

Renewable Energy News and Opinion

Renew Economy

This news website provides multiple articles a day on current news, opinions, and analysis of renewable energy topics around the world.

Pursuit ‘Hydrogen: Has its time come?’

This opinion piece argues for the hydrogen energy as an alternative renewable energy source. While there are challenges for introducing Hydrogen as an energy source, technology is starting to remove some of the barriers.

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