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Networks and Resource Libraries

ICLEI Canada

ICLEI is a global network of local governments focused on Sustainability. The website contains resources, events, and news from the local government network that can help introduce sustainability in your local area.


The weADAPT website provides a variety of resources, forums, and international networks that can assist you on your adaptation journey. Their past email campaigns found here have a large supply of helpful information.

NCCARF Adaptation Library

This library provides links to reports and articles to help decisions makers. The library can be sorted by topic or location and has over 250 links.

Event and Conference Summaries

Outcomes of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Katowice (COP24)

This document summarises what happened at the most recent COP event that occurred late last year. It covers topics such as increased transparency, adaptation communications, and a “rulebook that was created as a result of the negotiations.

Urban Adaptation

‘No Regrets’ Charter

This charter outlines basic principles and practices that can help climate change adaptation for urban areas.

Pursuit ‘Building Cities for a Changing Climate’

This article from the Pursuit team at University of Melbourne discusses urban planning and construction and their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nature‐based Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas

This book offers nature-based solutions (NBS) as a simple way to implement climate adaptation actions in urban areas through the services that ecosystems can provide.


Fourth National Climate Assessment (USA)

This climate assessment summarises findings from research in various fields such as health, infrastructure and agriculture. The detailed report on the webpage provides potential actions to address the findings.

Reconciling supply and demand for climate change adaptation research

This research article provides a framework to evaluate and address supply and demand in sustainability research. It uses a demand-driven, problem-focused and outcome-oriented process to reconcile supply and demand.

Public Sector: Risk Assessment, Obligations, and Frameworks

A three-tier risk assessment process for climate change adaptation at a local scale

This research paper presents a formal framework to evaluate climate change risk that is ‘accessible, cost-effective and user-tested’.

Public authority directors’ duties and climate change

This discussion paper from the Centre for Policy Development focuses on the legal obligations of the public sector to consider climate-related risks.

Understanding Risks and Uncertainties in Energy and Climate Policy

This book discusses multidisciplinary methods and tools to climate change policies to reduce emissions. It compares and summarises a variety of climate, and climate-economy models by assessing the performance, public acceptance, and risks involved and then discusses alternative pathways.

EU Commission 2050 long-term strategy

This webpage contains the vision, strategy, and documents behind the European Union’s aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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