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Technical Reports

Mallee Climate Projections
Loddon Campaspe Climate Projections

These are technical documenst detailing the impacts that climate change will have on the Loddon Campaspe and Mallee regions. If numbers and graphs aren’t your thing, there’s explanations for each projection that make it easier to understand.

Bureau of Meteorology ‘Australia experiences its hottest January on record’

A media release from the BoM summarising the 2019 hottest January on record.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR5 Report

This technical document provides an overview of current knowledge regarding climate change. While the information is on a global scale and can be quite high level, there are also some summary reports that breakdown the details. The next synthesis report is expected in 2022.

Bureau of Meteorology ‘State of the Climate 2018’

This video summarises the State of the Climate 2018 Report which shows how and why the climate is changing in Australia.

Australian Bushfire and Climate Plan

This plan was completed by the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action and the Climate Council of Australia. The plan aims to address climate change and the increasing severity and frequency of bushfires in Australia, using the 2020 bushfire season as examples.

The plan explores a variety of topics such as health impacts of bushfires, community resilience and preparation for extreme fires.

Research Hubs

The Transformative Adaptation Research Alliance (TARA)

TARA is an international network of researchers and practitioners dedicated to the research and development of transformative adaptation in response to climate change. TARA is trans-disciplinary in nature and aims to synthesise the work of experts in different fields to make a more complete picture of problems and solutions. The website contains research that applies to all fields, check out some of their publications here.

MIT Climate

This is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s central portal to all the work happening across MIT on climate change, and a place for worldwide discussion and learning. While they may be based on the other side of the world a lot of the resources apply to regional Victoria.

LICCI: The Project

The LICCI Project is an European Research Council funded project that aims to bring insights from indigenous and local knowledge to climate research. The project aims to collect new data from local knowledge systems to better understand local climate change impacts on physical, biological, and socioeconomic aspects of society.

CSIRO Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub (ESCC Hub)

The Hub provides climate change science for decision makers to address the challenges Australia faces from climate, atmosphere and ocean.

Media Articles, Podcasts and Blog Posts

Climate Council ‘Weather Gone Wild: Climate change fuelled extreme weather in 2018’

This report from the Australian Climate Council details the link between extreme weather in 2018 and climate change.

Bendigo Advertiser ‘Bendigo, Loddon-Mallee climate change effects to include increased temperatures, longer fire season’

An article detailing localised climate change impacts for the Loddon Mallee region and summarises the City of Greater Bendigo council’s strategies.

The Conversation ‘To predict droughts, don’t look at the skies. Look in the soil… from space’

This news article covers current research that uses soil analysis to predict oncoming droughts with high certainty. While the research isn’t specific enough to analyse individual farms, it is useful for landscapes.

CEDA ‘Emissions levels have us on a cliff edge’

Speaking at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia climate change event, Professor Howden from Australian National University outlined the key findings from the AR5 IPCC report which is attached above.

Australia: Prescribed burns in winter increase adverse health impacts

This article describes how suitable days for hazard reduction burning is moving towards cooler months and the potential impact on public health.

Robert McLeans Podcast Climate Conversations

This podcast is a continuous conversation about climate change featuring news, views and interviews.

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