Like many other rural and regional communities, the Tarnagulla community face many challenges in adapting to a changing climate.
Some of the obstacles Tarnagulla face included a shrinking and aging population, unreliable electricity and long distances from business opportunities. They also suffer from a lack of adequate public transportation and medical facilities. These challenges are magnified by the risk of extreme climate events such as bushfires, occasional floods, droughts, and storms.

After receiving grant funding from the Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation (VCCCI), the community of Tarnagualla, in partnership with RMIT, have embarked on a grassroots journey towards meeting these challenges in proactive way.

Project coordinator Linda Kennedy said “It has been fantastic to see the town come together to discuss the future and create a shared vision. There is a growing level of excitement and energy from the community as we look to take on the towns many challenges and forge pathways for a safer, healthier and prosperous Tarnagulla ”
Project’s chief investigating officer Dr Mittul Vahanvati from RMIT said “I clearly remember my first meeting with the Tarnagulla Alternative Energy Group (TAEG). They mentioned that they had got funding to develop their resilience action plan but had no idea of what resilience meant. However, ask now, and the community would say that they were resilient all along”.

To learn more about the project and their recent completed Strength and Challenges Report, please contact us.
[August 2019]