In the face of current circumstances, ADAPT Loddon Mallee has had to rethink how we progress our programs and initiatives. As we cannot go ahead with our planned for face-to-face events we’ve adapted and gone online to complete our program objectives.

The Regional Climate Leadership (RCL) program completed their second intensive workshop with our LEAD Loddon Mallee partners using online video conferencing.

Originally planned to take place over two days, the learning themes were divided into three workshops including 1.) leading for mental health, 2.) leading communities through change and       3.) communicating climate change.

LEAD Program Coordinator, Leah Sertori, said climate change conversations spark strong emotions in people, so it is important to be mindful of one’s own mental health and create resilient strategies to cope.

“We also explored acknowledging how climate change impacts the wellbeing and livelihoods of those affected,” Ms Sertori said.

“Many participants were disappointed we weren’t able to complete the workshop in person, as networking opportunities are limited, but we are hoping to resume face-to-face workshops as soon as we are able.”

“However, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected benefits by moving to an online platform including removing geographical barriers and improving digital literacy.”

Dona Cayetana, ADAPT Officer, said the ADAPT Loddon Mallee team is working closely with LEAD Loddon Mallee and the RCL participants to ensure they are supported by the program during this time.

“We are currently checking in with all program participants to see how they are travelling and what program content they would benefit from moving forward.” Ms Cayetana said.

The key learnings and projects from the program will inform the Loddon Mallee Regional Adaptation Strategy.