The Solar on Public Buildings Program is building solar energy systems on public land sites across Victoria. The program has been developed on a pilot project carried out in Gippsland in 2018-19 that resulted in 69 systems being installed that will save volunteer committees about $263,000 every year.

DELWP Giffard West Soalr Installation (1).jpgtoongabbie 556.jpg

The program will benefit about 50 volunteer managed Crown land buildings across the Loddon Mallee region with an energy audit and solar installation. The energy audits will enable the committees of management to make changes to their site that will also reduce energy bills.

The installed solar systems will reduce energy bills for the site while also providing an opportunity to export excess energy back to the grid to earn additional funds for the committee for much needed maintenance and upgrades. Electrical upgrades will be carried out where required to enable the solar system to be safely installed.

DELWP Alberton Solar Installation.jpg

All committees of management had the opportunity to express interest in the program in August last year. A total of 304 applications were received and approved by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change in December.

The energy audits for all approved sites have begun and the selection of qualified and accredited installers is almost completed.

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