Liesbeth Long


Primary Producer

Area of Interest
Agriculture climate adaptation

How is climate change impacting your community?
Living in a small town surrounded by half a dozen farmers, we noticed our yields decreasing over the years which is consistent with the climate changing. We’ve had to hire a private agronomist to help with our spray and fertiliser inputs to get better results. Climate change is a constant factor in our work now.

What are you passionate about changing?
I’m interested in learning more about climate change science to adapt our farm to become more resilient. I also want to learn how to talk about climate change with other farmers as it’s a taboo topic and hardly ever spoken about openly. If I can pass my knowledge onto others, we could create a climate resilient community.

I’ve decided to run for the Central Goldfields Council elections this year, representing Flynn Ward as an independent candidate. If elected, I will bring Climate Change issues to the table and be in a position to advocate on awareness and adaptation.
Campaigning during COVID-19 stage 3 lockdowns is going to be different, but I’m up for the challenge. Feel free to follow my campaign on social media by using the tag #liesbethlong4flynnward.