The Youth Climate Network (YCN) held its first Climate Change on Country event on January 22nd. Dja Dja Wurrung elders, Rick Kerr and Auntie Marilyne Nicholls, and 12 young people spent the day out on Country learning about local Aboriginal culture and history directly from the Traditional Owners.

“There is so much culture hidden in plain site. I’m very excited now to discover our culture as an Australian citizen”

The day included visits to cultural sites including rock wells and scar trees. A key focus of the day was for young people to see how Traditional Owners have managed this country sustainably for thousands and thousands of years.

“I think the philosophy of connection with nature should be incorporated into environmental planning, to ensure that the needs of the lands, waters, plants and animals are in equal consideration to the needs of humans.”

The YCN is hoping to run similar events across the region with other Traditional Owner groups.

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