Alison Hanly is the Mount Alexander Shire resident behind ‘Saltgrass’, a podcast with a focus on tackling climate change in her local community.

An interest in sustainability in her personal life combined with a passion for her art, activism and community radio laid the way for the podcast.

In the weekly episodes Hanly explores what is being done to combat climate change and make life in Mount Alexander more sustainable, providing a platform for guests to discuss their local projects.

“I think the podcast provides a voice to our community and gives them the tools to enact climate change adaption in their day to day lives.” Hanly said.

The scientific language of climate change information makes them confusing to community members, Hanly included. While guests present their research, Hanly learns along with her listeners, asking her guests questions that define and simplify their work for a broader audience.

“I am still constantly learning about more [sustainable] things I can be doing in my own life.”

The current series of the ‘Saltgrass’ podcast has been funded by a grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation and will be running until the middle of this year.

As for the future of the podcast, Hanly hopes to travel Australia and learn what other communities are doing locally to adapt to climate change.


You can listen to ‘Turning the Goldfields Green’ on MAINfm 94.9 in the Castlemaine and Mount Alexander area, or follow Saltgrass on Facebook or Podbean to listen to past episodes and keep up to date with releases.