The Kerang community participated in climate change activities at Reedy Lake in mid-March as a part of the Community Climate Change Adaptation (3CA) grant program.

The event ran across the 13th and 14th of March, organised by Traditional Owner run Barapa Land and Water group.

The focus behind the initiative was give the community a different perspective on climate change and land management.

The first day saw primary school children gather with Traditional Owners to plant climate-resilient trees, shrubs and fruit producing plants.

“It gives them [students] an opportunity to come back and look, see how their plants are growing.” said event organiser Deborah Webster. “They’ve got their names on them, it helps them to link in more with Country and that’s the big bit for us.”

Other activities on the day included; Traditional Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony, Cultural storytelling with Uncle Ron and Sarah Murray from Kinji, and Traditional Weaving with Aunty Marilyne Nicholls.

A large number of the 3CA recipients have been regional groups, and Webster agreed on the importance of starting climate change discussions in remote areas.

“Being regional is the biggest thing that we find [prevents our participation] … we’re all trying to help doing our little piece, and if everyone is doing their little piece it turns into a big piece.” She said.

Their approach to involving community in the conversation was to put a focus on Aboriginal education and the next generation, by involving four of the local primary schools.

Dona Cayetana attended the event and said it provided a good opportunity for an exchange of knowledge.

“We recognise that Traditional Owners have an over eighty thousand year history of adaptation.” Cayetana said.

“It’s important that we work together to look at the longer-term local impacts of climate change and to interact with children.”

Events like these are possible through the 3CA grant program and help tackle climate change adaptation at a grassroots level.


You can find out more about the 3CA grants program here, and keep up to date with upcoming adaptation events in the Loddon Mallee here.