Melanie Scaife

Hometown: Maldon
Occupation: Freelance writer and editor
Area of Interest:
Community resilience

How is climate change impacting your community?
My small town, Maldon, is surrounded by beautiful bushland, with many of its residents reliant on tourism or small-scale agriculture to make a living. Climate change has reduced yield and increased costs for the small-scale farmers, as well as increasing our risks during bushfire season.

It is home to an older population too, with many aged over 60 in houses that are unable to handle the changed climate. With projections of more extreme heat, less rainfall and increased bushfire risk, climate change directly threatens the lives and livelihoods of all who call Maldon home.

What are you passionate about changing?
I am passionate about focusing on solutions that will strengthen the adaptive capacity of residents, which will ultimately enable them to use their own strengths and resourcefulness to adapt to a changing climate.