James Mack

Hometown: Castlemaine
Project Management, Operations & Marketing in Tech/Telecommunications
Area of Interest: 
Animal welfare and environmental conservation & restoration

How is climate change impacting your community?

I’m incredibly heartened by the passion and ingenuity that I’ve seen in relation to community and social wellbeing in my short time in Castlemaine. One thing I am noticing is a growing concern around the preservation of native wildlife and ecology in the wake of last year’s bushfires and the growing demand on infrastructure and land from regional growth due to the pandemic.With rapid expansion there seems to be little thought being put into sustainable development and encouraging areas of natural growth as a way to offset the damage to the environment through urbanisation.

What are you passionate about changing?

I’ve been really moved by the deep levels of frustration, anger and depression that are being felt by people from all walks of life around climate change. I’ve seen so many people (including myself) struggling mentally with the huge weight of going straight to trying to solve a massive global issue without necessarily looking to the small steps they can take within their community to create change.

I’m passionate about taking the politics, fear and tribalism out of climate change and instead focusing on collaboration by creating resources and programs that can be adopted by individuals, business and government in the local community.I truly believe that over time thousands of small community groups chipping away at the problem will be more sustainable and replicable than individuals shouldering the burden alone.