Gabrielle Turner-Eylander

Hometown: Epsom
Occupation: Local Government
Area of interest: Building climate change resilience in homes, schools and gardens through design, retrofits and permaculture principals.

How is climate change impact your community?
One of the many areas that drier winters and hotter summers take their toll on are the home gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens. The ability to grow your own food over the warmer months will require smarter approaches. COVID-19 has reminded us very clearly that Australian communities need to be more self-sufficient and localised in its food production. 

What are you passionate about changing?
The status quo on sustainable, comfortable home life. For example, just because you grew up with a gas-ducted heating system, doesn’t mean its best the system for 2020 and beyond. Don’t turn up the AC every summer; plant a deciduous tree to shade your windows. Increase the insulation in your roof. There are so many ways we can adapt our homes and schools to climate change.