Tessa Fitzpatrick

Hometown: Charlton
Occupation: Eastern Mallee Landcare Facilitator, Lead hand at TMC Enviro and a student at SCU
Area of Interest: Natural Resource management and agriculture.

How is climate change impacting your community?
As with many small communities, variable climate and extreme weather events has impacted Charlton hugely. As an agricultural community, unpredictable climate can massively impact production, which in turn affects our town’s economy, mental health and community spirit. It’s a flow on effect to every aspect of our lives!

What are you passionate about changing?
I want to help educate and give people the tools they need to feel confident in making positive changes towards better preparing for changing climates, one step at a time. I’m doing this so when I have children they are brought up in a thriving community which can sustain itself and they aren’t left to pick up the pieces of poor land management from generations before.