Kyla Brettle

Hometown: Barkers Creek
Occupation: Audio Documentary Maker, Social Media Producer
Area of Interest: communications, strorytelling, sound, media, psychology of climate change, community engagement, participatory culture

How is climate change impacting your community?
The impacts of climate change are not constrained to the environment – they permeate every aspect of our society including the economy, health, transport, power supply, food and water security, biodiversity and more. At a more intimate level, climate change impacts us emotionally and psychologically it represents an almost impossibly confronting and difficult reality to envision and reconcile ourselves with.

What are you passionate about changing?
I’m passionate about refocusing the way we understand the problem of climate in order to action lasting change in our own lives and communities – I feel that we need to explore narratives that celebrate personal agency and deepening our relationships with community and the natural environment, or rather, ‘Country’. The drivers of the climate crisis are embedded in social and environmental injustice and we need to take a holistic approach to repealing the damage we do to our planet and rebuilding a more just way of life. Through my work I want to connect audiences as communities of concern and support individuals to face change in their own hearts and minds.