Tim Read

Hometown: Campbells Creek
Occupation: Ecology and community development
Area of Interest: Working with communities in socio-ecological transformation; particularly food security, biodiversity conservation, and social justice.

How is climate change impacting your community?
As an ecologist, I have seen the first-hand impacts of climate change on nature in the Loddon Mallee. Bushland as well as farming have been the most affected by the changes. The time periods for mating, plant flowering, and bird migration have been drastically altered over the years. The habitat degradation I have seen has reduced the capacity for our ecosystems to adapt and bounce back from further disturbances.
As a community activist for climate change action in my local area, I have seen increased anxiety about the future. This has mostly come as a result of increased awareness and knowledge of the issue. People are better placed to take action the more informed they become.

What are you passionate about changing?
Through my studies I have seen the need for improving integration between the environment and our society. I’m very passionate about supporting my community to effectively make the transition that’s required so nobody is left behind.
Food security is of high importance in my mind as it will have great social and environmental outcomes. Many people in Australia are missing out on healthy, fresh and local food. Supporting communities to increase their food security will increase resilience and adaptive capacity.